1:1 Laughter Therapy

It can seem a very long time since you even smiled, let alone had a good belly laugh. This programme is particularly suitable for people who are:-

  • Stressed or depressed
  • Introverted or serious
  • Older people who laugh very little
  • People suffering from chronic disease
  • People with no access to laughter clubs

No previous experience is necessary. Participants need no sense of humour  just a willingness to laugh!
Individual laughter coaching sessions help you to:-

  • Understand how laughter can help reduce negative thoughts
  • Access laughter regardless of circumstance
  • Introduce more laughter and joy into everyday routines
  • Increase the amount you laugh
  • Learn to laugh on your own
  • Invite more play and creativity into life
  • Learn to be more playful generally
  • Learn how to laugh for no reason
  • Be able to laugh when you don’t feel like it

Get in touch with Cheryl to find out how 1:1 laughter therapy could help you.

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