Laughter for Seniors

Cheryl taking to a gentleman at a day care centreLaughter for seniors sessions are tailored for the group depending on age and mobility, focussing on smiling, laughing, clapping and other playful interactions with others in the group.

Laughing is an excellent way of exercising the diaphragm, lungs and heart and is suitable for most ages and levels of health and fitness. Laughter also generates positive thoughts and is an instant stress buster and helps reduce blood pressure.

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Kind words

Thank you for making me laugh, can’t wait for you to come back to our group. (Day centre for seniors)
We didn’t know what to except but we weren’t disappointed. Staff and residents really enjoyed the session. There was a lot of laughter and gentle stretching; everyone could participate as Cheryl had planned the session so that chair bound residents could still join in. Thank you! (Bedford care home)
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