Tibbs Dementia Foundation testimonial

Music 4 Memory is a creative space for people with dementia and memory loss and their support partner to come along to sing, dance and make music together. The three groups meet weekly and the focus is on helping people to find a means of expression and being as involved as possible.

Cheryl came to each of our sessions to lead a laughter workshop. She was sensitive and intuitive to the needs and challenges of participants and engaged fantastically on a one to basis as well as with the whole group.

Cheryl interspersed her laughter therapy into the regular routine of the session to ensure continuity and a safe space.

The sessions were very well received and any initial nervousness or embarrassment very quickly dispersed as Cheryl’s engaging style drew participants in and encouraged people to relax and try something new and for some a little scary.

Cheryl gave good explanations of the theory behind the practice of laughter Therapy and explained each technique, this was helpful to some people and enabled them to join in more fully as they could understand the reason for acting in a foolish way.

People commented afterwards that they had very much enjoyed the session, felt more relaxed, energised and more positive. Some couples have used the techniques at home and Music 4 Memory has also adopted some of these techniques and ethos into the song choice.

Cheryl’s laughter therapy is a wonderful service, helping to reduce anxiety and stress, and to aid relaxation and a more positive and optimistic outlook. – Sarah RussellChief Executive Director, Tibbs Dementia Foundation

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