Laughter for Community and Charity Groups

Delegates in a laughter yoga sessions at the Laughter Conference 2013We will work with you to understand your aims and develop a bespoke laughter session.

Laughter is excellent as a team building exercise where staff, clients and volunteers can all participate in a shared fun noncompetitive activity.

To better understand the benefits of laughter yoga for your group or charity, read about laughter for children’s groups, laughter for families and laughter for seniors or get in touch with Cheryl to discuss your needs.

An engaged community

Cheryl’s laughter therapy is a wonderful service, helping to reduce anxiety and stress, and to aid relaxation and a more positive and optimistic outlook. (read more) – Sarah Russell, Chief Executive Director, Tibbs Dementia Foundation 
We all love a laugh don’t we? But Cheryl takes this to a different level.  Cheryl kindly put on a laughter workshop for our hardworking FACES volunteers.  I can honestly say there was not a dry eye to be seen as we all ended up in a heap of laughter and very refreshing and invigorating it was too.   Even those who were initially shy were laughing.  I won’t spoil it and tell you the things Cheryl did and had us doing, but we can safely say that the feel-good factor in that room was huge.  Laughter certainly proved to be infectious and we had a great time.  We are immensely grateful to Cheryl for giving up her time on this occasion – whenever I think of that day I have a huge smile on my face. – Jo, Family and Children’s Early-help Services (FACES)
We asked Cheryl to do a laughter session as part of our tea & talk day. I knew she’d be great from the moment I met her, she’s so full of energy and enthusiasm and was so adaptable to ensure the session was just right for our group at The Kiosk. The session was great and quite literally a really good laugh. A session like this would brighten anyone’s day! – Charlie, Kiosk at the Park
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