Laughter for Children’s Groups

Mums & babies enjoying Laughter YogaDeep breathing and stretching is combined  with clapping , chanting and laughter exercises suitable to the age group.

In addition to laughter exercises, a large part of the session involves playing interactive laughter games with the emphasis on fun rather than results. The session ends with a focus on being calm and still.

Laughter Yoga will benefit the group by:-

  • Promoting creative play and positive thinking
  • Creating a happy and joyful atmosphere
  • Encouraging empathy with others
  • Increasing individual self-confidence

If you are interested in a laughter yoga session for a parent and toddler group or nursery school, please get in touch.

Smiling Mums & Tots

It’s a unique bonding experience between mums and babies. – Annmarie & Ethan
Cheryl brought some great toys and accessories to amuse and include the babies; the bubbles were great! – Sham & Khalil
Laughter Yoga is so much fun. I enjoy it with and without the kids. The sessions I do with my baby are great as Cheryl includes props that keep babies amused, amazed and involved. When I do laughter yoga with the adults it is equally great fun and I dare not think what the neighbours think of the crazy noise we make. – Jo & Aiden

Pictures of a children’s group enjoying a laughter yoga session

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