Bespoke Laughter Sessions

Group of people smiling and laughingLaughter for Business

Happy, well-motivated employees equate to reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, stronger team working and satisfied customers.
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Mums & babies enjoying Laughter YogaLaughter for Children’s Groups

Laughter yoga is a unique and fun way to get children interested in a group activity which is not competitive.
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Cheryl with a group of mums & children in Russell Park, BedfordLaughter for Families

Family bonds are strengthened by shared activities. Laughter is a great way to involve all family members, young and old, in a fun health boosting experience.
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Cheryl taking to a gentleman at a day care centreLaughter for Seniors

Good hearty laughter helps to gets rid of stress and worry.  It touches the emotional core and alleviates feelings of loneliness and isolation.
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Delegates in a laughter yoga sessions at the Laughter Conference 2013Laughter for Community and Charity Groups

Laughter Yoga is an ideal activity for voluntary, community groups and charities either as a staff, client or volunteer activity.
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