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Laughter Yoga

Gorup of people laughing and smiling
“Laughter is the best medicine” – it’s a well-known saying but it truly is!

There are proven health benefits to having a good belly laughLaughter reduces stress, improves your immune system and helps create a positive mental state.

So where does the yoga come in?  We combine deep yoga breathing and gentle stretching with laughter exercises, resulting in a great fun workout.

Everyone can benefit from laughter yoga – age or fitness is not a barrier.

Welcome to the World of Laughter!

Meditation & Mindfulness

Woman sitting cross-legged looking at sunrise
For most people life is exhausting – there is always so much to do, we can lose focus and suffer from stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness helps us to focus our attention on the present moment and not get swept up in worrying or negative thoughts about the past or future.

Study after study show that regular mindfulness practice – through meditation – is an effective way of reducing stress and anxiety and combating lack of focus. It leads to peace of mind, wellbeing and a sense of purpose.

Welcome to a world of calm

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